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TransferWise eliminates all these injustices by allowing people to send money abroad at the lowest possible cost. Using only the real exchange rate and the small, always explicit, commissions, the headaches are over and the revolution has begun. TransferWise is a Fintech, a term used in the financial market to designate companies that combine innovation with technology. Created in London by two Estonians, it arises from the need to simplify the transfer of money between bank accounts in different countries. Virtually everyone who needs to send money to another country wants to save money. Therefore, look for a form of transfer that offers good rates for not losing so much. In the TransferWise article: how it works we will present you with an effective solution for this process.

Online platforms are good ways to save money. And TransferWise is one of the cheapest ways to send money abroad. Check out these offers for more information on TransferWise and how to use the platform. TransferWise is an online money transfer service authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. TransferWise is an innovative international money transfer provider, often dubbed the "Robin Hood" of the money transfer industry. It strives to make bank transfers more accessible than traditional banks, to apply low and transparent transfer rates and to convert money into the real exchange rate of the intermediate market. In other words, there is no increase in the exchange rate. (Comparatively, banks typically give the customer a higher market rate, the margin is part of their commissions and, in general, they are not transparent in this regard.) Currently, TransferWise supports sending money to 71 countries and sending of money from 43 countries. The company covers over 1000 routes (country combinations) in 49 currencies and is also one of the few companies that offers the true average market rate.

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    The idea is to move money faster, cheaper and safer than traditional methods internationally. One of TransferWise's premises is to transfer the costs of the transfer method to customers, making shipments cheaper than other similar services. And above all, TransferWise already operates on over 1,300 different ways of sending money.

    What are the advantages of using TransferWise? There are many advantages to using TransferWise. For example:

    TransferWise is cheaper: the official exchange rate is used and you only pay a small transfer fee. Instead of an international transfer, the system uses two local operations: one in the country of origin, the other in the destination country. This makes transfers cheaper.

    ° TransferWise is transparent: the value you see in the simulation you do on the site is the same you will pay at the end of the transaction. There are no costs incorporated in the exchange, no fees charged on receipt, no costs of surprises.

    ° Security: the use of TransferWise is safe because the company is legalized in all the countries in which it operates, being regulated by central banks and regulatory agencies, all within the law. In Brazil, TransferWise acts as an exchange correspondent for the MS Bank and Banco Rendimento banks. Furthermore, the user does not need to move with cash, which adds even more security to the remittance service.

    ° Convenience: the entire transfer procedure is performed online. Just create a free account, indicate the amount you want to transfer, indicate the details of the beneficiary and make the payment. Within a few days (up to two working days) after receiving the money, it arrives at the recipient's account.

    ° Freedom: you can use an account in any bank to use TransferWise. Furthermore, the beneficiary does not need to have an account with TransferWise.

    Visit the TransferWise website

    TransferWise: how it works
    As mentioned above, making a transfer is very simple. But how does TransferWise work? Follow the steps:

    1 - On the homepage, simulate the amount you want to transfer and see the price and currency commission

    2 - If you agree, create a user (free) and indicate the destination account with the requested data (IBAN, BIC / SWIFT etc.). The beneficiary does not need to create an account with TransferWise.

    3 - Pay the ticket or transfer the value to the TransferWise account in Brazil using your bank account.

    4 - Ready! So simple When TransferWise marks your payment, you will use the foreign account to transfer the corresponding amount to the destination account.

    All over the world and over time, banks have been the main solution for sending money abroad. However, international bank transfers are often bureaucratic and expensive.

    The explanation given is usually related to the processes of international communication between banks. However, over time, technology has evolved.

    If you've heard of fintech, you'll probably understand what we're talking about: they are technologically capable financial institutions that aim to simplify people's relationships with money.

    In particular for sending money abroad, we have decided to highlight TransferWise - a Fintech born in the UK and rapidly grown in Brazil since it entered the country in 2015. In this article we will explain how TransferWise works and what the advantages are to send money through this company.
    TransferWise: what is it and how does it work?

    Launched in 2011, TransferWise is an online international remittance transfer platform. It currently has over 3 million customers worldwide, with around 2 billion euros a month (around 8 million reais).

    This growth was rapid because the company touched on a point that needed a change: the way international money transfers are made - made them cheaper and more transparent.

    The company receives payment from the customer locally, in the country of origin, through its banking partners. Then convert the money and send the local bank transfer to the destination.

    Is TransferWise secure?

    When it comes to money, it is essential to know if the services we buy are reliable. So the first question that comes to mind is whether to send money via TransferWise is safe.

    In terms of security, the use of TransferWise for international transfers is as reliable as using a bank: the main advantage, however, is the lower cost and knowing exactly how much the recipient will receive.